株式会社Third Bay

Our corporate mission is to "change the world,
change people, the
future changes the past, and
a new industry is born." We focus mainly
Japanese industries and traditional arts that are declining industries,
and spread products and
services that have been discovered to have
completely new added value from revolutionary
new approaches and
ideas, both domestically
and internationally.

We carry out planning and operation of
management and operation
consultancy and
sharing ventures,
mainly the operation of
Japanese shop," CHABAKKA TEA PARKS,"
carries a variety of different teas.

代表 三浦 健  miura ken

Born in Shizuoka.
Joined TOKYO BASE Co., Ltd. (formerly
STUDIOUS) in 2009.
As a founding member, was involved as a core
member from the
establishment until the move
into the First Section of the Tokyo Stock
Exchange, and was active in a wide variety of
fields as an area manager
of the operations
department, such as store operations, product
planning, human resource training, and
establishment of new stores.
Graduated from the fashion industry, which he
had been involved in for
about 12 years, in 2017
Established Third Bay Co., Ltd. in 2018.